Commercial 9

Sometimes a commercial requires a strong 'one-liner'... better say it well. 

Commercial 7

Not all commercials require voice over work... this commercial was purely focused on facial expressions. 

Commercial 5

Occasionally a commercial will strick a chord with an audience and the sponsor will elect to run a series of related ads.  These She TV commercials were extremely popular and we kept adding new variations to the theme.  


Commercial 2

In this commercial made for television the dialog is very similar to voice-over dialog.  The most difficult commercial to shoot is the monologue, as you have to make the camera feel like it is the second person in the room.  The tone of this commerical was intimate, so the camera man was basically my closest friend.

Commercial 4

As a television commercial actor and voice artist you always have to be prepared for the unusual request.  In this case the three leading ladies were cats, yet they had to be treated as if they were patrons of the restaurant.  This commercial illustrates the actor who is also the voice over artist.


Commercial 8

Patrick was cast as the 'gentleman' in the Hanes 'Gentlemen Prefer Hanes' commercials.  The period in which these commercials ran was the beginning of ad campaigns which focused on the woman as the center of attention and power, so the body language had to be in deference to three Hanes models in this commercial. 

Commercial 3

This clip is extracted from a much longer commercial that Levi created around a nineteen forties test pilot.  The character conveys a cocky sense of success, yet he still wears his Chinos.  

Commercial 6

When Galo introduced its higher-end wines they started this campaign to change popular opinion.  Clearly, the goal of this video commercial was to convey an impression of successful young people enjoying the better aspects of life.  Notice the body language that defers the knowledge and power to the character playing the successful wife and cook.